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Rodríguez-Graña L, Calliari D, Tiselius P, Hansen BW, Sköld HN
Gender-specific ageing and non-Mendelian inheritance of oxidative damage in marine copepods. MEPS 401:1-13. Paper on open access here.

Researchers identify new DNA cell repair mechanism. Read more.

Neuroscience: One hundred years of Rita. Nature  458, 564-567 (2009). Link.

Do Zoos Shorten Elephant Life Spans? Link.
By Virginia Morell
ScienceNOW Daily News
11 December 2008

Special Issue: Organ Development. Science, 5 December 2008 (Volume 322, Issue 5907).

Special : Darwin 200
As a prelude to the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth on 12 February 1809, this Nature News special looks at how his work on natural selection is still provoking debate; finds out how previous Darwin anniversaries were celebrated; rounds up the events in the coming year that will celebrate the man's life and works; and much more. There's also a stunning gallery of eyes - the organ so brilliantly 'designed' that Darwin feared it may block the acceptance of natural selection.

Executive report of the workshop 'Data Collection in Ageing European Projects' Brussels, 10-11 June 2008. Report can be downloaded here.

Executive report of the workshop 'A roadmap for the future of ageing research in Europe' Brussels, 11-12 July 2007. Report can be downloaded here.

Meeting Report of the Conference on UV-Radiation-Induced Disease—Roles of UVA and UVB. Jean Emeny, Johan Hansson, Rune Toftgård & Dan Segerbäck. J Invest Dermatol 2008 128: 1875-1877. Abstract.

Tissue ageing: Do insights into molecular mechanisms of ageing lead to new therapeutic strategies? Andreas Simm and Thomas A. Rando. Experimental Gerontology Volume 43, Issue 7 Pages 603-604. Abstract.

The role of near infrared radiation in photoaging of the skin. Peter Schroeder, Judith Haendeler and Jean Krutmann. Experimental Gerontology Volume 43, Issue 7 Pages 629-632. Abstract.

Changes of MMP-1 and collagen type Iα1 by UVA, UVB and IRA are differentially regulated by Trx-1. Nicole Buechner, Peter Schroeder, Sascha Jakob, Kerstin Kunze, Tanja Maresch, Christian Calles, Jean Krutmann and Judith Haendeler. Experimental Gerontology Volume 43, Issue 7, Pages 633-637. Abstract

DCFH2 interactions with hydroxyl radicals and other oxidants – Influence of organic solvents. Hans-Jürgen Brömme, Leoni Zühlke, Rolf-Edgar Silber and Andreas Simm. Experimental Gerontology Volume 43, Issue 7, Pages 638-644. Abstract.

The 4977 bp deletion of mitochondrial DNA in human skeletal muscle, heart and different areas of the brain: A useful biomarker or more? Christoph Meissner, Petra Bruse, Salaheldien Ali Mohamed, Anja Schulz, Hanne Warnk, Thilo Storm and Manfred Oehmichen Experimental Gerontology Volume 43, Issue 7, Pages 645-652. Abstract.

Hormetic modulation of differentiation of normal human epidermal keratinocytes undergoing replicative senescence in vitro. Ulrich Berge, Peter Kristensen and Suresh I.S. Rattan. Experimental Gerontology Volume 43, Issue 7, Pages 658-662. Abstract.

Cell death and differenciation Vol 15 Issue 7. Special issue to celebrate Richard Lockshin's 70th Birthday: Featured review articles discuss the phylogeny and regulation of programmed cell death in a variety of model organisms. Link.

Cancer Control in Europe: State of the Art in 2008 a special issue of the European Journal of Cancer: Volume 44 Issue 10. Link.

Lepperdinger G, Berger P, Breitenbach M, Frohlich KU, Grillari J, Grubeck-Loebenstein B, Madeo F, Minois N, Zwerschke W, Jansen-Durr P, 2008: The use of genetically engineered model systems for research on human aging. - Front Biosci 13: 7022-7031.
de Souza-Pinto NC, Wilson DM 3rd, Stevnsner TV, Bohr VA, 2008: Mitochondrial DNA, base excision repair and neurodegeneration. - DNA Repair (Amst): in press.
van Diepeningen AD, Debets AJ, Slakhorst SM, Hoekstra RF, 2008: Mitochondrial pAL2-1 plasmid homologs are senescence factors in Podospora anserina independent of intrinsic senescence. - Biotechnol J: in press.
Aline Chrétien, Neil Piront, Edouard Delaive, Catherine Demazy, Noëlle Ninane and Olivier Toussaint. Increased abundance of cytoplasmic and nuclear caveolin 1 in human diploid fibroblasts in H2O2-induced premature senescence and interplay with p38αMAPK. FEBS Letters Volume 582, Issue 12, 28 May 2008, Pages 1685-1692. Link.

Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology: Special issue: somatostatin, cortistatin and their receptors in health and disease. Vol 286 Issues 1-2. Link.

Editorial: Regenerative medicine - Free access - Nature supplements Vol 453 N°7193 pp 301-351

A special issue of Experimental Cell Research (Volume 314, Issue 9,  Pages 1907-1980 - 10 June 2008) on Cellular Senescence & Longevity. Link.

Molecular Cell Volume 30 Issue 3 - May 9 2008 - Featured Topic: heterochromatin - Free reviews. Link.

Hamann A, Brust D, Osiewacz HD, 2008: Apoptosis pathways in fungal growth, development and ageing. – Trends Microbiol: in press. Link.

Scheckhuber CQ, Rödel E, Wüstehube J, 2008: Regulation of mitochondrial dynamics - characterization of fusion and fission genes in the ascomycete Podospora anserina. - Biotechnol J: in press. Link.