News from Europe

HERMES project helps elderly cope with memory loss. Link. Hermes project.

Study shows good health and growing old disparities in EU. Link. Hehemu project.

The SAVE project: European elderly citizens: how are they? Key Findings from an EU-funded Research Database Unveiled. More here.

Researchers discover link between gene and cause of blindness. Link.

Maria Blasco, A researcher, pure and simple. Link.

IRSES: European researchers cooperate with the "rest of the world" for reinforcing research capacities in topical issues. More.

FP 7 PEOPLE: €65 million new funding for regional, national and international programmes in favour of experienced researchers. More.

Improving the quality of life in later years. More here.

Launched in 2008, BBMRI – the pan-European biobanking and biomolecular resources research infrastructure – is working to connect biobanks across Europe, giving doctors, scientists and researchers access to all information available about stored biological samples. More information.

The European Life-science Infrastructure for Biological Information (ELIXIR) project is led by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and involves 32 partners from 13 countries. The consortium ultimately aims to establish a sustainably funded infrastructure for biological information in Europe, to support innovation in life science research, knowledge generation and its translation to medicine, the environment, the bio-industries and society.

Use and misuse of the gene ontology annotations. Seung Yon Rhee, Valerie Wood, Kara Dolinski & Sorin Draghici. Nature Reviews Genetics 9, 509-515. Abstract.

Stem cells self renew, reveals study. Link.

"Ageing well": European Commission unleashes €600m for development of new digital solutions for Europe's elderly people. Link.

Nature 453, 850 (12 June 2008) CORRESPONDENCE:
European research system must not go bananas p850
Andre Geim. Full Text 

Large projects can create useful partnerships p850
Josef Settele, Joachim Spangenberg and Ingolf Kühn. Full Text

European research needs a dash of anarchy p850
Theo Wallimann. Full Text

Scientists call for biobank identification codes (site)

News website: Infectious Diseases .

ERA - European research Area
- Specific initiatives to support European Research Area

The COST 2008 pocket guide is now available. See the web site. This easy-to-use guide covers the whole of the COST system for research cooperation in Europe, including information about COST governance, contact points and financial instruments plus, most importantly, the COST Actions.

COST Open Call for proposals to support scientific and technical collaboration in Europe. Link. Deadline for preliminary proposals is September 26 2008.

Medical theory overturned (site)

Research provides better understanding of Alzheimer's (site)

Spread of Parkinson’s to transplanted brain cells observed (site)

EU Project shows eating right does the body good (site)

Which kind of SME are you? (site)

European Commission nominates hig-level advisory group on research and science (site)

Investing in European Research (site)