Ageing demography


Olivier Toussaint, PhD

Contact and information
Béatrice Rayet, PhD
LINK-AGE deputy coordinator
The University of Namur
URBC - 61, rue de Bruxelles
B-5000 Namur - Belgium
Tel: * 32 (0) 81 72 41 07
Fax: * 32 (0) 81 72 41 35

LINK-AGE : coordination and consolidation of European biogerontology: en route towards formation of a European college of biogerontology


LINK-AGE is a Coordination Action within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission that aims at significantly extending existing European research in biogerontology. Such research is still fragmented, limiting the ability to progress in an area of great economic and social importance for the future of Europe. Coordination and Consolidation of European research in this field will represent a step forward to the formation of a European College of Biogerontology.


LINK-AGE will support a closely coordinated programme of topic working groups, workshops and conferences, summer schools, and dissemination activities.
Through its spreading activities, LINK-AGE will develop effective links with the wider public and industry, in order that translation into benefit of emerging knowledge of the underpinning science of healthy ageing can be exploited as rapidly as possible.


The LINK-AGE Coordination Action includes 14 full members from 10 European countries (including one SME from Belgium) and is coordinated by the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix de Namur in Belgium. Several other laboratories participate to some of the LINK-AGE actions as associates members.



LINK-AGE is ending at the end of May

The web site will be on for a while

A link to the LINK-AGE documentary is available here